Saturday, November 26, 2016

Determining Your Sweat Rate

As you heard in the interview with Bob, race nutrition and GI distress is not limited to the consumption of
grams of fat or carbohydrate.  Hydration and mineral loss is also a factor.  Bob mentioned the simple method of assessing your sweat rate in the interview, but I thought I would take a few minutes to elaborate on this and actually break down the steps that I use, so that you can do likewise to determine your sweat loss.

The basic process is this:
  1. Weigh yourself prior to your workout
  2. Weigh yourself after your workout
  3. Note how much fluid you consumed during
  4. Note (generally how much fluid you lost through peeing)

My spreadsheet has:
  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. Temperature
  4. Activity
  5. Duration (minutes)
  6. Weight Prior
  7. Weight After
  8. Weight Change in pounds: multiply by 16 to convert to ounces
  9. Fluid Consumed
  10. Fluid Excreted
  11. Sweat Rate in ounces: ((H+I)-J))/(E/60)

  1. Use a reliable digital scale and make sure it's the same scale before and after
  2. Eliminate as many variables as you can by removing as many articles of clothing as is possible
  3. From the moment of the pre to post, note every ounce consumed or peed (estimate if necessary)
    1. Real life tips for assessing
  4. Be sure to note the average temperature as your sweat rate will vary
  5. I am now logging my pre exercise hydration as an insight to performance.  It should not really affect this calculation other than to increase your pre-exercise weight measurement

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