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164 - Rocky Harris USAT and Time to Tri Update

Episode #164 (2/10) Rocky Harris (Time To Tri)

Saturday, February 20, 2016

4:52 PM

Welcome to Episode #164 of the Mile High Endurance podcast.  Mile High Endurance is your weekly connection to coaches, experts and pro athletes to help you reach your endurance and triathlon goals.

We're your hosts coach Rich Soares, coach Khem Suthiwan and 303 Chief Bill Plock.   Thanks for joining us for another week of endurance interviews and discussion.  You have a lot of sources for triathlon training content, so we are grateful that you are choosing to spend the next 90 minutes with us.

We have USA Triathlon CEO Rocky Harris to give an update on the "Time To Tri" initiative.  The first time we had Rocky on the show, he had been on the job a couple of months and he laid out some of what constituents in triathlon were telling him and some of the ideas he had for improving the sport for all.  Now a year later, we got to chat with Rocky about how it's going and many things that changed since last year.

Before we get into our interview, let's catch up with Khem and Bill.  How's it going?

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Last week's guest
Thanks to last week's guest,  Kirsty Jahn a pro triathlete out of Boulder who had back to back Ironman wins last year to hear what's behind these performances and what it's like living the pro life.  If you haven't heard that yet, check out last week's interview on episode - #163.

Discussion Teasers and Announcements
Teasers for topics:
  • Coach/athlete relationship
  • Announcement on MHE kits and gear
  • News
  • Triathlon Trivia
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Interview Setup
Rocky Harris, a multifaceted professional sports executive and collegiate athletics administrator.  He was named to SportsBusiness Journal's prestigious "Forty Under 40" list.

He had been the Director of Sports and Marketing Sponsorships at Reliant Energy, an NRG Energy, Inc., Fortune 500 company, where he oversaw the largest naming rights deal in the National Football League.
His other work on the professional sports level included two stops in the NFL as Director of Communication with the Houston Texans and Media Relations Coordinator with the San Francisco 49ers. Prior to joining the NFL, Harris worked at a digital-marketing agency in San Francisco and a sports marketing agency in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Harris has been a member of the Houston World Cup Host Committee, Super Bowl XXXVIII Host Committee, as well as an NFL Media Representative for Super Bowls XXXVII, XXXVIII, and XXXIX. He was awarded the Houston Business Journal 40 Under 40 Award, the Major League Soccer Marketing Executive of the Year Award and the Pete Rozelle Award for the NFL's top public relations staff.
In the Fall of 2017 he took the helm as USA Triathlon's CEO.  We spoke to him in January of 2018 to hear about the launch of this new thing called Time To Tri - a joint initiative between USAT and Ironman to introduce 100k new athletes to the sport of triathlon.  We have him back on the show today to tell us how things are going with that initiative and more.  Here's Rocky Harris.

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Host Discussion Topics
Teasers for topics:
  • Rocky Harris
    • Starter kits for clubs, high school clubs
    • He mentioned partnering with brands, but he didn't mention the brands.  In the interview with Jerry Lee he talked about doing a USAT design shoe.  Newton
    • Brett Farvre's wife a triathlete
    • New formats - pool, gravel triathlons, splash n dash, inside triathlon, SUP - kicking myself that I didn't ask about virtual triathlon.  Zwift Super League.

  • MHE Gear
    • Top gear selections
    • Raffle this week's winner of iKOR
    • Design reveal mid February and store to open before the end of the month.  Be sure to follow on FB, Tw and In for announcements

You Tube Video of the week

Upcoming MHE & 303 Interviews
    • Caryn Marconi, Shelbi Meyer and Tammi Hanson on the Compete Clean program and USADA Anti-doping resources and rules
    • Alyssa Seeley, para Olympic triathlete and her incredible performance at RIO Olympic games and  Gold Coast last year
    • David Warden "3rd Anniversary Special" - Importance of performance testing as a part of a periodized plan, plus David interviews us about the show, why we do it, our relationship with each other and more.

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Our show is also supported by 303 Endurance Network, which includes 303Triathlon and 303 Cycling, which covers the endurance culture, news and events on triathlon and cycling.  Be sure to subscribe to the 303Radio podcast and follow 303Triathlon's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Special interview with Newton Running founder Jerry Lee to do a "How I Built This" style interview.

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Stay tuned, train informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!

Training Trivia and Tips

4.4 Wet suits. Each age group participant shall be permitted to wear a wet suit without penalty in any event sanctioned by USA Triathlon up to and including a water temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit. When the water temperature is greater than 78 degrees, but less than 84 degrees Fahrenheit, age group participants may wear a wet suit at their own discretion, provided however that participants who wear a wet suit within this temperature range shall not be eligible for prizes or awards. Age group participants shall not wear wet suits in water temperatures equal to or greater than 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The wetsuit policy for elite athletes shall be determined by the USAT Athletes Advisory Council. The AAC has set the wetsuit maximum temperature for elite athletes at 68 degrees for swim distances less than 3000 meters and 71.6 degrees for distances of 3000 meters or greater. 
Any swimmer wearing a wetsuit with a thickness measured in any part greater than 5 millimeters shall be disqualified.

From <>

3.8 Acts Warranting Suspension. In addition to other penalties which may be imposed at the discretion of USA Triathlon, the following acts may be grounds for suspension for a period of time designated by USA Triathlon:
a. A flagrant or willful violation of the Competitive Rules;
b. Gross or continued unsportsmanlike conduct;
c. Physical violence directed toward a race official, participant, volunteer, spectator, or another person;
d. Any fraudulent act, such as falsifying name or age, filing a false affidavit or protest, or providing false information to USA Triathlon, the Board of Hearings and Appeals, or race officials;
e. Intentionally participating in an event despite failure to register;
f. Repetitive or recurring violations of the Competitive Rules;
g. Failure to notify a race official after withdrawing from a race;
h. Violation of the Medical Control Rules as set forth in Article VIII;
i. Refusal to abide by the final determination by USA Triathlon of any matter relating to these Rules or the sport of triathlon; and
j. Any act which disgraces or brings discredit to the sport of triathlon.

From <>

3.7A. Time Penalties for Elites.
 A "variable time penalty" as used in these Rules shall mean a time penalty that varies in accordance with the distance category of the event. The variable time penalty for each of the distance categories shall be the following:
Distance Category                                                           Time Penalty in Minutes
Short/Intermediate           Cycle course less than 50K                       1:00
Long                             Cycle Course 50K to 100K                                 2:00
Ultra                             Cycle course greater than 100K                 4:00

From <>

2.4 Membership Categories. Annual membership in USA Triathlon will be available in the following categories and subject to the following requirements:
a. (1) Elite. Elite annual membership will be available to certain qualified, highly competitive, and experienced athletes. An elite annual member is eligible to receive prize money directly. Any person wishing to apply for an elite annual membership should contact USA Triathlon ( for consideration.
(2) Elite Collegiate: Athlete who qualifies according to the criteria listed above, and does not accept prize money. 
Elite athletes holding an elite license from their National Federation or having raced as an elite athlete in international events are prohibited from competing within age group categories as an age group athlete or for age group awards.  Elite athletes are eligible for overall, open or elite division awards only. Prior to entering any USAT event, athletes must disclose their elite status and that failure to disclose such is cause for Disqualification and up to a one year suspension from USAT sanctioned events.
 b. Age Group. The following divisions shall be available within the age group category of membership: (i) regular membership; (ii) youth membership (17 years of age and younger as defined in Section 3.2a).

From <>

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